How to Book

1. Visit us:

You can visit us at our office to place a booking. You will need to contact us to arrange an appointment at a suitable time as we only open for appointments.

2. Call us:

You can contact us to arrange a phone appointment; where we will call you and go through the booking process. Please have all your details at hand to avoid delays or having to re-book your appointment.

3. Email us:

You can book your services by sending us an email with the date of the event and the venue location. We will then send you a full quotation, if you are happy with it we will then process your booking.

3. Online:

You can book on our website. You will need to contact us to let us know so that we can guide you through the booking process. We have a comprehensive online booking facility so please ensure that you have all your details at hand.

The booking process:

Step 1 – Choose your services:

Choose the services that you require, make a note of the product codes and descriptions so that we understand your requirements. You can see our products and services on our website, our social media pages and on our catalogues.

Step 2 – Contact us for a price:

Contact us so that we can look at your requirements and provide a tailored price. We will notify you of any package discounts or current offers that you can take advantage of.

Step 3 – Make a decision:

You either accept our price and continue to step 4 or you can continue to look around for a better deal. Alternatively you can ask us to provide you with suggestions of alternative products or services that better suit your requirements.

Step 4 – Pay a deposit:

You will be required to pay a deposit payment to secure your booking. The deposit will be deducted from your balance and will be used as a date and time reservation. Please take a look at our payments page to find out more.

Step 5 – Sign the hire agreement:

You will be required to check and sign a hire agreement. This is a contract between you and us for the services we will be providing. We have a comprehensive online signature system so the process should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Step 6 – Booking complete:

Booking complete. There are no further requirements. To make changes to your booking please see customer services or contact us as soon as possible.

If you require any further information about booking with us, please call us now on 0121 403 3132 or 07976 800 900 and we will be happy to discuss your booking options.